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If you don't like mead, you haven't had ours.

Mead Varieties
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Mead is made with honey as the primary sugar during fermentation. Each honey variety presents an opportunity for new flavor and the addition of fruits and spices to make something totally unique and very delicious.

We make session style meads (4-6.5% ABV). We also make traditional meads (10-15% ABV). They range from dry to sweet. Some are carbonated, some are still.

Traditional meads are made from honey or a blend of honeys. Our special varietal meads are made with single-sourced honey such as California Orange Blossom or Star Thistle.

When it comes to Melomels (meads made with fruit), we offer a variety for you to enjoy, including blackberry, pomegranate, cherry and many more. We also make Pyments (meads made by combining honey with grapes) and our Orange Muscat is a crowd favorite.

Our award-winning Lavender Lemon Mead is a fantastic example of a Metheglin, a mead made with spices or herbs. These are fun and always delicious.

Hard Cider
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Who doesn’t love a crisp, refreshing hard apple cider? We may be a Mead Company, but we also make a mean cider. In addition to our traditional Cider, people love our Caramel Apple Cider, which is made with caramelized honey. Our Blackberry Black Cherry Cider is also extremely popular. We love our traditional cider but love to create many different flavors with our cider as well.

Always Quality
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We use locally-sourced California Orange Blossom honey for much of our mead. Made by bees who pollinate the orange orchards, it is highly prized by mead makers all over the world. We are passionate about sourcing as many local ingredients as possible, and we always choose the freshest, highest-quality ingredients available.

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