Brew News

February 2023

What makes our products stand out is simple. We use quality ingredients and combine them in magical ways. We also make everything with love. Innovation is our mainstay and we have much more to share ✨


Victories & Challenges

Doing What We Love

We count it as a victory just to be doing what we love. What is that you ask? Well it is, of course, brewing beautiful libations

More than that, it is creating opportunities for joyful experiences between friends and family. It is introducing folks to something new and fresh. It is connection and inspiration and it is divine. It is our dream and we love sharing it.

Growing to our Potential

Our biggest challenge is growing into our potential. Growth is a journey. We have grown since we opened a little over a year and a half ago, but we have much more growing to do. 

Our mindset is that our potential is limitless. We are ready to fully embrace new growth this year and in years to come.

We invite you to be a part of our journey and help be the wind beneath our wings. Like any small start up business we rely on your support to bring our dreams into reality.


Forthcoming Flavors

Blackberry Mead: Bottle Release

Our next bottle release will be a Blackberry Mead we are dubbing “Blackberry Bombshell.” She is a full bodied beauty that you will not be able to resist. Stay tuned for more details.

Tangerine Mead

We are also currently working on a Tangerine Mead. Aromatic and juicy, we’ll have it ripe and ready for you to try this Spring


We love the Brew Community

We are proud to be part of the Nevada County Brew community. Whether it’s a local Brew Fest, concert, a wedding, or any celebration, we want to be there with you. We love hosting and interacting with the Nevada County Home Brewers.

We welcome everyone, brewers or sippers, to come hang out with us in the tasting room. Bring some food, relax, play some darts and enjoy life a little more. ❤️ Cheers!