Brew News

March 2023

This month we got to participate in Downtown Grass Valley’s “Wine Walk” event. We enjoyed serving up some Pomegranate and Blackcurrant Cider.

Sometimes folks say “I don’t drink cider” – but when they get a chance to try our delicious cider, they often say “this is so good, I would totally drink this!”

We strive to make our cider as fresh, vibrant and enjoyable as possible


Surviving the Snow-pocalypes of ’23 ❄️

There was not too much snow in Penn Valley, where the Meadery is, but we know that Nevada County was hit hard and many of our friends and neighbors around the county have been struggling to manage all that goes along with this

We celebrate everyone for making it through and look forward to folks being able to get out and about safely so they can come see us in the tasting room. Cheers to spring coming soon


Fresh Flavor & Fusions

Tangerine Sparkling Mead ✨

Fresh on the tap is our new Tangerine Sparkling Mead! It’s light, refreshing, and uplifting – sunshine in a glass ☀️

While she is very delicious and refreshing on her own, one of our regular customers discovered a blend that everyone is loving. We are calling it the Trifecta: a 40/40/20 blend of Tangerine, Blackberry and Butterbrew It is out of this world!


Almost Two Years in Bzz-ness

May 1, 2023 will make our 2 year anniversary of opening. The time has gone by so fast! Stay tuned for more on how we will be celebrating this milestone.

In truth, we are just getting started. Running a business is a journey and a constant learning experience, especially in our ever-changing world. Challenges arise unexpectedly. Costs go up. It’s a rollercoaster ride at times

But we bee-lieve in our products and our vision

We are grateful for our hive of supporters. We are looking forward to some continued expansion in the coming months, and an amazing spring and summer