Brew News

February 2024

Bees exemplify extraordinary teamwork, from defending their hive with coordinated strategies and alarm pheromones to the collaborative effort in honey production, showcasing nature’s incredible cooperation.

This same spirit of community and collaboration inspires our tasting room, where customers enjoy a welcoming atmosphere for socializing, games, and refreshing beverages. It’s a space where positivity flourishes, and lasting memories are created, mirroring the bees’ unity and shared purpose.


What’s Tap-penning?

Bye-bye, Orange Blossom 🍊

Orange blossom honey is a popular mono-floral variety known for its light, refreshing sweetness and hints of citrus. It’s harvested mainly in warm regions where citrus trees flourish – the highest producing regions in the US are California and Florida. The production process involves bees collecting nectar and pollen from citrus trees in bloom. Environmental factors can significantly impact the blooming period of orange trees, potentially affecting the availability of nectar for bees. 🐝

❄️ One sad piece of news is that the orange blossom honey production was impacted by an unfortunate freeze so we may not be able to get more for awhile. Orange blossom sparkling mead is usually a staple in our tasting room and sadly we recently sold out.

However we have some amazing other options on tap!

Featured here is our fabulous White Peach and Blackberry Mead Bomb πŸ’£ Come try this or your own combo in the tap room this weekend πŸ₯‚

Now Pouring πŸ₯‚


White Peach, Tangerine, Blackberry, Apricot and Butterbrew


Dry, Off Dry, Black Currant, Pomegranate, Blackberry Black Cherry, and Caramel Apple Bourbon Barrel Aged Cyser


The Hard Cider Revival

More and more people are exploring cider as a fun and versatile way to imbibe. The hard cider industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by a shift in consumer preferences towards diverse and unique flavors.

As a Craft cider maker we often experiment with innovative ingredients beyond the traditional dry cider. We find people appreciate having a fresh craft option and especially for those who are gluten free cider is fantastic. Our cider is the freshest there is on the market. You can taste the difference. And cider is the perfect way to round out offerings at your tap room, at the restaurant or at home.

We would love to hear from you what you love the most or what you think would be an amazing cider. Cheers to the possibilities!


The Strength of a Hive

When bees detect a threat to their hive, they swiftly mobilize their defenses with remarkable coordination. Guard bees stationed at the hive’s entrance assess incoming visitors, ready to repel any ill-intentioned intruders. Equipped with stingers, bees address threats directly, releasing their potent venom to discourage intruders. They also release alarm pheromones, quickly alerting their fellow colony members to the danger. In some cases, bees may even form a collective ball around a threat, smothering and effectively neutralizing it. This unified response showcases the hive’s solidarity and resilience in the face of adversity, reminding us of the power of community and teamwork.

Our business was recently subjected to an attack by outside forces that had nothing to do with us. Thankfully we were able to effectively investigate, identify, locate and address those individuals and groups that created this. We are grateful to those in our community who supported us when needed to defend against this uninvited threat. We value our hive greatly and extend a warm welcome to any and all who want to imbibe in our glorious libations.

Come and see us in the tasting room to get the full experience of the best mead and cider you will find on the market. And don’t forget to bring your growler because you will want to take some home with you!