Brew News

July 2023

Mead Day, an annual celebration dedicated to the ancient beverage known as mead, is approaching soon! But then again, every day is mead day at NC Mead Co

Whether you’re a mead aficionado, a homebrewer, or simply someone interested in trying a unique alcoholic beverage, Mead Day provides an excellent occasion to explore and appreciate the world of mead and Nevada County Mead company is here to support you in this endeavor.


Honored to Sponsor: Music in the Mountains

We had the great pleasure of sponsoring our beloved Music in the Mountains organization by donating mead and cider for a series of events.

We are honored and grateful to partner with MIM to support the important work they are doing to bring music education to our youth here in Nevada County.

More about Music in the Mountains

MIM is deeply committed to music education, impacting over 5,000 students annually. Their initiatives include the nationally recognized Young Composers Project and Carnegie Hall’s Link Up, offering both in-depth programs and broad reach initiatives. They collaborate with school districts, music teachers, and parents to advocate for the significance of music education. MIM also provides solutions in cases where schools face budget constraints, offering programs like Take 5 for Music, Link Up, Peers for Peers, and MusicLive, which bring classical music to school-age children.


☀️ Summertime… and the Cider is easy (to drink!)

We still have some bottles of our Caramel Apple Barrel Aged Cider if you want to get yours – before it is gone! We continue to get consistent and on-going feedback that people are loving our cider.

Our Cider is very crushable in hot weather because it is crisp and refreshing, gluten free and so fresh. It’s perfect in the heat of summer whether you are hanging at the lake, camping or just BBQing at home.


The Buzz About Bees in Ancient Hindu Mythology

The Rigveda is a collection of ancient Hindu texts that form the foundation of Hindu mythology and religious practices. Within the Rigveda, there is a hymn known as the “Hymn to the Bee” or “Madhu Sukta,” which is dedicated to a divine bee called Apis.

The “Hymn to the Bee” is found in the Rigveda’s Book 1, Hymn 164. It is composed in the form of a dialogue between the poet and the divine bee, praising its qualities and significance. The hymn celebrates the bee as a source of inspiration and a messenger between the human world and the gods.

In this hymn, the bee is described as a diligent gatherer of nectar from various flowers. It is praised for its wisdom, agility, and industrious nature. The bee’s buzzing sound is likened to the chanting of Vedic hymns, emphasizing its connection to divine knowledge and spirituality.

The hymn portrays the bee as a sacred creature that can access the realms of gods and humans. It is believed to carry messages and prayers from humans to the gods, bridging the gap between the mortal and the divine. The bee is associated with the concept of “Madhu,” which can be understood as the sweetness of life and the divine essence permeating all existence.

The “Hymn to the Bee” is not only a poetic tribute to the physical bee but also holds symbolic significance. It celebrates the bee’s role as a mediator, symbolizing the human quest for knowledge, enlightenment, and divine communion.

This hymn showcases the reverence and poetic beauty present in the Rigveda, highlighting the connection between nature, spirituality, and the divine in ancient Hindu mythology.


Mead Day is on its Way!

International Mead Day takes place on the first Saturday of August each year and is observed by mead enthusiasts and makers around the world. Mead Day was established to raise awareness and promote the appreciation of mead as a unique and historical beverage.

We will be toasting all day on August 5th. Come join the fun – bring your mead horn and your best Mead toast to share. The best toast of the day will be published in our next newsletter and the winner will get a $25 gift certificate for NCMC.

“Mead, the golden elixir, flowed through our veins, igniting the fire of creativity within us.”

– Edgar Allen Poe