Brew News

March 2024

We have some delightful new brews on tap… including a fabulous White Guava Cider and Pineapple Cider 🍍 they are both bound to give you a taste of tropical sunshine – the perfect pairing as the season shifts into spring.

Try them together for an exquisitely exotic combination… people are loving this blend in the tasting room!


Fresh on Tap

White Guava Goodness

White guava cider is a delightful fruity beverage masterfully crafted. It offers a delicate balance of sweet, tart flavors, with tropical fruit and floral notes.

There is nothing else like it, making it an ideal choice for cider enthusiasts seeking something unique and flavorful.

Pineapple Paradise

Pineapple cider is a delightful fusion of tangy pineapple juice and traditional apple cider. It is off dry with just enough sweetness to be balanced.

It is sunshine in a glass, clean and refreshing with a crisp finish. Perfect for those craving a refreshing and tropical twist on a classic cider experience.

Now Pouring


Sparkling Tangerine

Sparkling Apricot


Sparkling White Peach


Dry & Off-Dry Classic

Black Currant


(New!) Pineapple

(New!) White Guava

Bourbon Barrel-Aged
Carmel Apple Cyser

Join us in our tasting room and immerse yourself in a vibrant community experience! Beyond our uplifting beverages, discover a space filled with laughter, games, and connections. Challenge friends to darts, cards, dice, or board games, or simply unwind with your favorite drink in hand. Feel free to bring in food—we’re all about creating a cozy atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. Join us for a memorable time where friendships flourish and fun knows no bounds. Your seat at our table awaits!


Coming Soon

Dragon Fruit Mead

Stay tuned for when this hits the taps!


Local Tap Love

We have also greatly increased our list of places we are on tap – our brews can now be found in lots of local restaurants, tap houses and more.

Thank you to everyone for sharing our delicious beverages on your tap!

Grass Valley

3 Kings

Grass Valley Brewing

Gary’s Place

Maria’s Mexican Restaurant

Thirsty Barrel

Trailblazers Pizza (Alta Sierra)


Infusion Taproom

Nevada City

TJ’s Roadhouse

Jernigan’s Tap House



Hop City Taproom

Mindscape Fermentations

Red’s Pizzeria


River City Brewing

Penn Valley

Twelve 28 Kitchen

Bullmastiff Brewing

Players Pizza


Dog Haus Biergarten

The Boxing Donkey

Trax Taproom and Kitchen

Flour Dust


The Enchanted Forest


TJ’s Roadhouse

The Station Public House


11 Pizzaiolo

Gander Taproom


Woodstock’s Pizza


Woodstock’s Pizza

Enjoy our mead and cider at any of these amazing local tap houses, restaurants and bars. We are so grateful to get to grow and cross-pollinate in our community and beyond! 🐝