Brew News

November 2023

We are continuing to make progress on our production expansion. We are available on tap in many local establishments and working to expand our availability in tap rooms. If you want to see us where you are, let us know!


Mead Magic

We currently have a full line up of sparking meads on tap including:

Orange Blossom, Butterbrew, Tangerine, Blackberry, White Peach and Apricot

We also have the Queen of the Underworld Pomegranate still mead available.

Bringing people together and building community is something that happens here at the meadery. Just like there is a hum of collective industry in a beehive, people come together over a pint and you can feel the buzz in the air when friends mead-up for a pint or a pizza of a game of darts. 

Honey has been revered for its healing properties since ancient times. It was believed to possess magical and medicinal qualities, capable of curing various ailments.

For example, Hippocrates, often referred to as the father of medicine, promoted the use of honey in various healing methods. Mead is believed to have been used as one of his foundational medicines.

In folklore, honey is sometimes associated with longevity and is thought to bestow health and vitality to those who consume it. We bee-lieve!


Our Living Cider

Ciders currently on tap:

Dry, Off Dry, Black Currant, Pomegranate, Caramel Apple Bourbon Barrel Aged Cyser

One of the things that is super special about our cider is that we make it from fresh pressed juice.

It is vibrant and full of life going into the tank and is typically fermenting within 12 hours of being pressed.

After undergoing the alchemical process of fermentation it is even more magical. It will give you life!

In Norse mythology, the Goddess Iðunn (or Idun) was known to be the keeper of the apples of immortality which were consumed by the gods, including Odin, and prized for their gifts of eternal youth, vitality and wisdom.

One myth tells the story of Idun, guardian of the golden apples of eternal youth, being deceived by Loki and captured by the giant Thjazi. Her absence causes the gods to age rapidly. Under threat from the aging gods, Loki rescues her, transforming Idun into a nut for their escape. Thjazi’s pursuit ends in his fiery demise at Asgard’s gates, orchestrated by the gods.

Idun’s return restores the gods’ youth, emphasizing her crucial role in maintaining the divine order and the delicate balance of power in the world of gods and giants.


We have the best customers ever!

We continue to love and adore our customers. We want to also feature the fact that we encourage people to bring food, play games and remember that we are kid and pet friendly.

Come see us soon and don’t forget to bring your growlers so you can take some mead and cider home with you. It is the perfect thing to bring to a holiday party. You can bring the buzz to the occasion and it is guaranteed to be a hit.

“Mead is the drink of celebration, the elixir that lifts our spirits and brings us closer to the divine.”

– Neil Gaiman